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January 22, 2015

Pemba Sherpa was selected for the PIRLS 2016 Award.
The selection of PIRLS passages is a collaborative process among the staff at the TIMSS and PIRLS International Study Center, representatives for each country participating in the PIRLS study and a committee comprised of reading experts.  The passages need to be interesting and engaging for a wide range of students.  They must be appropriate across cultures and countries and their clarity and meaning must be maintained through the translation process.  The texts must also provide an adequate basis for assessing the full range of comprehension processes.




Radio has opened up a new way for me to tell stories reaching an even broader audience than the printed page.
I tell two minute stories on our local radio station (KUSP Santa Cruz) to brighten your day. Many of them are funny, some of them may shock you and make you think, but all of them focus on a kernel of truth. (Link)


My latest book 'Playing Your Heart Out' has been released and is available at Amazon in print and as an E-book!

            Sara is fifteen when her Mom decides she needs a break from parenting and walks out, leaving Sara and her three younger brothers, Mitch, Jon and Paul, in care of their Dad. On weekends, their mother arranges to come back home and run the household.
            Sara is devastated by the thought of divorce. She tries to keep up appearances in front of her best friend, Melissa, but eventually she must tell her that her Mom has left home. Dad assures Sara and her siblings that he will do his best to make life continue normally even though he has no explanation as to why his wife left.
            Sara’s composure is saved by her participation of soccer at school. She is vitally involved in the competition and plays her heart out. .The team gets a new assistant coach, a college student named Hara, a great boon to their success and a role model.
            Meanwhile one weekend Mom brings home a new friend, a Rastafarian named Hamman. His appearances indicate his place in society, but he has a charming personality and brings happiness into Mom’s life. She attends all of Sara’s soccer games and brings Hamman with her, much to Sara’s dismay since she has been trying to cover up for her mother’s actions. Then Hamman and Mom take Sara to dinner at the House of Jah and she gets a different perspective on their mismatched relationship. While they are at the restaurant, Sara’s Mom performs as a singer and Sara’s viewpoint of her mother’s new life begins to change as well as her attitude toward what Rastafarian means.
            Through Hara, Sara meets Jason, also a soccer player and fan, and their friendship develops into an ongoing relationship. This helps Sara keep her mind off the pending divorce, especially when she learns that Jason’s parents are also no longer together and that he has gone through the same agony as she is. Jason joins the team’s coaching staff and the school participates in the US Youth Soccer program and competes in their tournaments. Their goal is to win the Regional Championship and have a chance to go for the National playoffs. Hamman adds his experience as a former soccer player in Jamaica to boost the team’s performance and chances of victory.
            Just before the key game in the all-important playoffs, Sara finds a Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage on Dad’s desk. This dashes her hopes that her parents will get together again, always her prime goal, and she falls apart. Jason helps her put her fear of divorce out of her mind and to play her heart out as Hamman has advised her.  Sara’s team wins the regional championship and she gains new confidence that her family’s problem of divorce will work out if given a chance. The story ends with a brief follow up on what each of her brothers grows up to be, and a conclusion by Sara that “Happiness is just a goal away. Don’t let anything stop you from playing your heart out.”

2-23-2012 Great news!
My story about growing up Italian style has been released!
AN ITALIAN SISTERHOOD is about three sisters – Rina, Ann and me - who shared a long and loving relationship with each other. It is now available as an e-book at Solstice Publishing’s website or wherever e-books can be downloaded. In addition, a printed version will soon be released as a paperback and can be ordered at any bookstore.
In the book, I confess to what tantalizing brats Rina and I were and how our older sister tried to keep us out of trouble. I include treasured memories of Mama and Papa's lives in Italy before they became American citizens which let to their unusual arranged marriage in San Francisco and a long-lasting love. The climax of this narrative is the advent of Stella Warner into my life. Her spiritual guidance elevated my sense of sisterhood to a broader level.
I hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
The final touch is Rina's timely note of approval I was so fortunate to receive.
Illustrated with treasured old photographs.


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