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The family of Olga Cossi

regrets to inform all of her friends and followers that she passed away peacefully on the morning of July 28. She was 99 and 1/2 to the day and we are sure she had a date to be with her beloved Don. The 29th marked their 81st anniversary! 
Ever unique, imaginative and prolific, Olga leaves an impressive legacy of mixed works, books, poems, manuscripts and short stories. She remained a writer to the last, collaborating with friend and local illustrator, Mary Kate Fleming, in this past year to bring to print The Little Girl Called Me, a young children's book about self discovery. It will come out soon on Amazon. Continued on contact page

We invite anyone who shared her passion for writing to donate support in her honor at a local school or children's literacy program. One of the joys of Olga's life was to share her stories in classrooms throughout the state.

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