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    School children always ask why I am a writer. My big sister hated to read, and managed to make it through school without reading a single book.  How did she do that?  She made me read all of her books for her. Not only read them, but write the book reports. With all that reading, my imagination grew by leaps and bounds.
     One day my big sister told me I had to write a story. It was her class assignment, and since she had never read a book she certainly wasn’t going to try to write one. I didn’t dare object so I wrote my first storybook, in verse form. The title and first line was HAVE YOU SEEN THE BUTTER FLY?  The answer is, “No, butter doesn’t fly.” My favorite line was “Have you seen an antelope?”, the answer being “No, ants don’t elope.” The school was so proud of this story that it was published in book form, with my sister’s name as author, of course.
     I have been writing ever since.
     Reading and writing. What great gifts!

A good story needs to be told, but . . . it also deserves to be broadcast.
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