New book published in 2018

Three children from the Middle East offer stories and life choices as they take us through personal journeys.

Pasha loves to talk, but not to listen! Will he ever learn to be quiet and hear the sound of silence?

Shehannah yearns for the day when she has more: more food, more clothing, more money. And then it happens. As she looks down onto the street, a golden coin winks at her. She is rich! What will she do next? Gold is only as good as the good it does!

Pemba and his younger sister Yang Ki both yearn to be guides to the high country of the Himalayas. Yet girls are discouraged from such a role. As brother and sister resolve the perils of a landslide, Yang Ki teaches us that girls, even little girls, can be brave and strong.


Christina Schreiber is known for her fine art on canvas as well as graphic design. She enjoys creating realism as well as abstract art, and exhibits throughout the United States when she isn't flying gliders. Christina lives with her family in Colorado.

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