Olga Cossi      Sebastopol, California

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Her works often drew on events from her long life.  Robin Deer reflects the experience of raising a young fawn that her husband had rescued and brought home to take up residence with their four children and a dog in a remote farm house. Orlanda and the Contest of the Thieves wove together the experience of being robbed in Naples with elements of stories told to her as a child by her Italian father, Orlando.  And one of her favorite books, Pemba Serpa, was written after hiking in the Himalyas  with daughter Caren and friend Vikki and reflects the warmth and respect she felt for the local people.

Olga felt strongly about the need to preserve and protect our precious water supplies. She wrote a non-fiction book for young people called Water Wars,  and she practiced what she preached.  She was still insisting on bucketing used bath water out for various uses well into her nineties.

She loved talking to children about the joy of books, helping them understand the work and inspiration that went into them.  She gave author talks in schools up and down the state and even in Germany and England on visits to daughter, Tam and her family. After the publication of Three Tales to Treasure at the age of 98, she enjoyed being taken to care homes and talking to residents about her books.



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