I was born…..well, so I am told. I have no personal recollection of such an event even though eye witnesses say so. In self-defense, if there was any other possible way to get here apart from birth, I think I would have found it. On that note, I rest my case.
            My earliest memories are of St. Helena in the heart of California’s Napa Valley wine country. I remember taking part in a glorious Vintage Festival pageant there. And I remember working as a student reporter for the St. Helena Star. Those landmark facts convince me that I certainly spent time there in what I then called the here. Frankly, I am still here. So far, no matter where I find myself, I am here. All my stories are actually about my being here, now, one. The characters in my stories are just smoke screens. That is what writing is all about, and admittedly I am a writer. I hope to continue writing. I hope, too, that you will continue reading what I write.
            I pen this in grateful appreciation for teachers like Marrietta Voorhees and Nemo Debely, and Stella Warner, and on and on……  

                                       Olga Cossi


all rights reserved 2011 - Olga Cossi